The Bubbly Goat

A product of Corner View Farm

Upon moving to the farm, one part of our plan was to raise dairy goats in order to produce goat milk bath and body products such as soaps and lotion as well as utilize them on the vegetable field for weed and soil health management and thus the Bubbly Goat was born.  This is what you might call a "true farm product".  Many other small soap businesses either use goat milk in their soap in the form of a powder or send the milk out to a large company to make their products.  With us, this is not the case.  Each bar that you purchase was created start to finish at the farm, from the milk that the goats provide, to the actual crafting and packaging of the product, to the raising of the goats themselves.  Each bar has a story behind it, and should you be curious enough to ask, we would be more than delighted to share that story with you ~  

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