Organic Produce

Our Farm provides a variety of organic produce for you to enjoy.  All of the crops are started from seed so we can make sure they get the best care from start to finish.  We are not certified organic at this time but it is something we are working on and currently follow all USDA NOP regulations.  In terms of sustainability, the largest inputs on our farm would be the growing mix for starting seedlings, compost and fish fertilizer.  We grow in raised beds which enables us to optimize soil nutrition and apply the correct fertilizer for a specific crop.  Fertilizers used are all OMRI approved and manufactured from either turkey or chicken manure thus they are non-synthetic.   Insecticides are rarely if ever used as floating row covers are used in place to prevent insect damage.  Organic mulches and re-useable weed fabric take the place of harmful herbicides which can kill off pollinators and poison our water.  Did you know the chemical herbicide Atrazine is found in more than 70% of U.S. groundwater?

By utilizing livestock, their by-products, crop rotation, cover cropping and selecting varieties of plants that grow best in our soil we are able to provide healthy clean and pure vegetables from our fields to your table.

Feel free to send us a message to see what's in season for farm pickup or find us at one of our 2019 summer markets